MERINO/ANGORA/ALPACA 60% merino (very soft wool), 20% angora (bunnies) and 20% alpaca. The 2 ply yarn is between a worsted and a bulky weight (a heavy worsted) 3 - 3½ stitches per inch on size 9 - 11 needles. The texture and softness of this yarn lends itself to a looser knit for sweaters. You'll need 7 - 10 skeins for an adult sweater, 3 - 4 skeins for a child's sweater, 1 or 2 skeins for a hat or scarf.

~Heavy Worsted (between worsted and bulky weight). 3-4 stitches/inch on size 9-11 needles. Full skeins 150 yards, approximately 3 oz. Half skeins 75 years, approximately 1 1/2 oz.

~Heavy DK (between worsted and sport). 4-5 stitches/inch on size 6-10 needles. Full skeins 180 yards, approximately 3 oz. Half skeins 90 yards, approximately 1 1/2 oz.

2 PLY TWO TONE YARN I have the mill ply one strand of white and one strand of grey together. When I dye it, the white and grey take on the color differently, so you get a yarn with two shades of the same color.

~Bulky weight 2 1/2 - 3 stitches/inch on size 11-13 needles. Full skein 104 yards, approximately 3 oz. Half skeins 52 yards, approximately 1 1/2 oz.

~Worsted weight Full skeins 150 yrds, approximately 3 oz. Half skeins 75 yards, approximately 1 1/2 oz

You'll need the same number of skeins of all weights of yarn for the same projects.

1 or 2 skeins for a hat or scarf, 3 or 4 skeins for a child's sweater, 7-10 skeins for an adult's sweater. If you'd like help figuring out how much yarn you'll need for a project, or any other questions, please get in touch.

SOLID COLORED YARN  Dyed and Natural sheep/rabbit/alpaca; colors white, grey, brown
~2 ply Worsted weight. Full skeins 150 yards, approximately 3 oz. Half skeins 75 yards, approximately 1 1/2 oz.

~1 ply solid color yarn  

DK weight: between a sport and worsted weight 4-5 stitches/inch, on size 7-9 needles, or try a size 11 for a lacey shawl. 150 yard skein approximately 1 1/2 oz. 

Sport weight: 5-6 stitches/inch, on size 6-9 needles, 180 yard skein approximately 1 1/2 oz.
2 ply Yarn: full skeins $32.00 ~ half skeins $17.00

1 ply Yarn: full skeins $17.00

All fiber grown and processed in the U.S.

To see other people's knitting with my yarn, see the link at the bottom of this page.
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shades of grey and red shades of grey and blue  
white with purple, blue and green white with red and pink surprise sweater stripes within stripes

rainbow ridge


white with shades of blue



blue & green with highlights




shades of blue




(blue, green & grey)



purple haze

reds & pinks
(strawberries & cream)

purple, blue and green
white with rainbow

swirling seed hat
in red, pink & purple


purple & green



This long time favorite is still the perfect answer for anyone who says hats are too small or too tight. Easy to knit on a size 10½ circular needle, it's a tube that's closed on both ends. One end fits inside the other end for double warmth over your ears, while the hat is so light and soft, you'll hardly notice you're wearing it. Knit the two ends with complementary, but different color combinations, so you can fold it up with either end on the outside, and truly have two different hats. ADULT SIZE. $56.00


When ordering, specify two color combination.

side 1

unfolded hat

side 2


Knit a long scarf, then sew enough to make a cozy hood. It's an easy garter stitch pattern, using three skeins of yarn. You can knit back and forth, so the yarn will make blocks of each color, or knit lengthwise, so you'll have long, very narrow stripes of the colors.


stripes can run the width of the scarf; in blue, green and grey


stripes can run lengthwise; in purple and green



COLOR BLOCKS: alternating sections of solid and multi colors
color blocks - blue and purple
color blocks - classic rainbow

SHRUGS: From what I've read a shrug can have many variations. Mine has no sleeves, and depending on the size you make, covers half to most of your back. It's knit all in one piece (no seams). You knit (rib) the circle first and when that's done, you cast off part ("arm" holes), and with the other stitches - in waiting - you pick up as you knit back and forth to make the back.

shrug in blue and purple


shrug in watercolors



red, pink and brown


blue and grey


green and brown



dark brown with reds and pinks


dark rainbow
(colors dyed over natural brown)




Both of the photos to the right exhibit the "watercolor" yarn




Here are samples of some multicolor combinations):


blue and brown


dark brown with rainbow


light brown with rainbow



(pink & green)


purple & green


shades of brown


blue and purple




dark grey with rainbow


naturals with color highlights


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